Suggested Book List for 2020

One of my favorite past times is reading.  I used to read a LOT more than I do now.  I was one that would read through a big book in just a few days before having kids.  And then you mommas know exactly what happened… I got REAL busy and REAL tired! LOL!  I missed it so much, but I knew it was only a season.  I simply could not find the time until after putting the kids to bed and then by that time, if I pulled a book out, I was fast asleep in record time.  Now that my kids have gotten a bit older and a bit more self-sufficient, I tend to have a little more time here n there to grab a book, even if it is sitting in the car or at gymnastics waiting on them.

A few days ago I asked on my Instagram stories for your favorite book of 2019.  You guys sent me lots of suggestions that I am really looking forward to reading in 2020.  In fact, there were a lot I kept seeing over and over, so I KNOW they are going to be good because so many of you suggested some of the same ones.  Also, I shared my favorite of 2019.  By far it was Where the Crawdads Sing.


Below, you’ll find a PDF of the books you suggested.  I thought it may be easier this way so you can print and then refer to the list throughout the year, rather than having to refer to this blog each time.  I was trying to keep a running list.  Y’all sent me sooooo many.  So, if you don’t see yours on here, please forgive me.  I tried real hard to keep up, but you guys love to read!  haha!   The ones at the top with the * are the ones that were suggested multiple times.  These will be the ones I choose to read first and I am so excited!

Here’s to 2020 being a year full of books! Can’t wait!

Book List of 2020

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