Frozen 2

Can y’all believe I’m actually blogging today!?  It’s been a while since I’ve been on here.  I think I may have blogged once in December.  I simply could not add another thing to my December list of to-dos.  I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season with the ones you love the most.  Ours was wonderful and my heart is full!  The Lord has been so good to us!

My daughter has been driving us craaaazy about wanting to see Frozen 2.  It took everything in me to hold her off until after Christmas.  One, we just couldn’t find the time.  And two, I kept thinking it would be something for us to look forward to and do after Christmas.  So today, we are off to finally see it and she is one excited little girl.  My boy is looking forward to it too, but his excitement level doesn’t match his sister.  Haha.

My daughter’s favorite snack is powdered sugar doughnuts.  She would eat the entire bag if I allowed her.  So, yesterday I thought this snack tray was the PERFECT afternoon snack in anticipation of the movie.  They both loved it so much.  I am attaching the sign in a PDF at the bottom for you to print if you would like.


I am so thankful you all are here!  I would love it if you would sign up for email alerts.  Each time I blog, it will be sent directly to your inbox.  So, no more than a few times a week at best.

Happy, Happy New Year, by friends!  I pray it is full of blessings!


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