Whip It Up Wednesday: Crockpot Easter Candy

Happy WHIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!  I pray you all are having a wonderful week!  It has been a little chilly here this week, but the weather has been beautiful and I am soooo grateful.  The kids have come home from school and we have played outside until having to come in for dinner.  It’s been wonderful!

Today I am sharing the easiest candy or dessert I may have ever made!  Haha!  In fact, it is so simple and so few ingredients that I’m just going to tell you here rather than putting in a PDF to print like I tend to do with more involved recipes.  Isn’t it the cutest!?


For this recipe I used 2 (16oz) containers of salted peanuts, one (24 oz) pack of vanilla almond bark, one bag of Easter M&Ms and sprinkles.  All you do is pour your peanuts in the crockpot (Can you believe it!? And don’t you just love a crockpot!?) and toss your almond bark on top of the peanuts.  Cook on low for 1 hour.  Stir your candy to coat well.  Cook an additional 15 minutes.  Then add HALF the bag of M&Ms and give it a toss.  Drop tablespoons of candy on wax paper a few at a time and add sprinkles and an additional 1-2 M&Ms on top.  Make sure to do it while still warm so they stick.  This recipe made 3 pans of lined cookie sheets for me, so basically a ton of candy.  Haha!


These would be precious to customize for any holiday!  I think it would be fun to use brown chocolate for the Fall and add pumpkin sprinkles.  You could even use the colored chocolate.  So fun!  I am boxing these up and passing out to our church small group this week.  They are pretty addicting too so be prepared! LOL

Have the best day, my friends!  Grab that crockpot and spread some love soon!  Your friends and family will thank you for sure!


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