Easter Basket Flower Arrangement

Happy Monday, sweet friends!  I pray you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had a fun and relaxing one, except for freezing at the ball field on Saturday.  I think we are suppose  to have prettier and warmer weather this week and I am so very thankful.  We have gotten a ton of rain here lately and I just tend to have a better attitude when the sun is shining!  Don’t you!?  Pretty weather just puts a smile on my face!

I know some may think it’s a little early still for all things Easter, but get ready folks because if you hang around here, it’s coming for ya!  I drug out all my decor this weekend and have started decorating a bit.  I just love all the color that Easter and Spring bring and it always makes me happy to add little changes of decor throughout the house!

If your flower pots look like mine, they are in need of some “sprucing up” and just an overall new arrangement.  I really don’t enjoy working in flower beds, but I do look forward to picking out and planting flowers for my front and back porch urns.  Last year, I had the idea of doubling-up the use of my flowers I brought home to plant and using them for an arrangement in an Easter basket before planting them.  I then used the arrangement for the centerpiece on my dining room table.  It was so special because this basket was actually my Easter basket as a child.   If you’re already going to buy flowers for your yard or porch, why not make an arrangement before you plant them!? Here is the arrangement I made last year.


I went to Walmart over the weekend and grabbed lots of flowers, but here are some impatiens, petunias and creeping jenny that I thought would be perfect for my basket.  I am hoping I get around to planting some of my pots this week.  The impatiens love shade and petunias love sun, but it doesn’t matter for this arrangement if you’re just going to use for a day or two on a table.  I literally just keep them in the black containers they come in.  I never take the flowers out.  I covered the bottom of the basket with plastic bags to give the flowers some height and then just placed the flowers where I wanted.  I then had a bag of moss from Hobby Lobby and covered up any holes or black from the containers that were showing.  It’s that simple, friends.  Soooo easy, quick, and I think it makes a beautiful arrangement!  We enjoyed a Sunday afternoon in the back yard and hubby did a little grilling.  It was so wonderful being outside in the sunshine!




I am praying you get some sunshine where you are and have a wonderful week!  Show me your Easter fun, girlfriends!  Love you all and praying for you everyday!

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