Easter Whoopie Pies

Happy Fri-Yay!  Whew!  What a week!  I think the person that came up with Spring Break was a parent and it actually was created more for them than for their children.  Don’t you think!?  And I just have 2 kids, but this week has been busy, busy, busy!  I am so thankful Spring Break is next week for us.  We are all ready for some relaxing with no rushing out the door in the mornings and no plans.  We have a little trip planned in April, so our Spring Break will be spent at home just doing fun things around Birmingham.  We are hoping to go to the strawberry patch with our cousins, maybe a little bowling, picnic and most importantly, just being together!

Here’s a super easy and fun Easter snack for your kiddos or grandkids.  This would be great to surprise them with after school or to make together over Spring break.  My 5 year old actually helped with this one. I know everyone loves Pillsbury cookies.  We grabbed the Easter ones and made some whoopie pies for an after school treat yesterday.  I just had vanilla icing and divided into 4 bowls and mixed with food coloring.    That’s it, my friends!  Anna Lee loved placing the cookies on the tray and then helping me mix the icing.  What is it about stirring that kids love!?


You may have seen me do these recently on my IG stories with baseball treats.  I used store-bought chewy chocolate chip cookies with vanilla icing and then rolled them in our baseball color sprinkles.  You can use whatever kind of cookies you prefer.  I’ve always used chocolate chip or sugar cookies, but I think an oatmeal cookie would be super yummy too using a cream cheese icing.  Adding sprinkles to the sides is always a fun option as well!


I will probably be more present on Instagram next week and not so much the blog.  I want to be fully engaged with the kids and not on the computer.  You guys have a wonderful weekend!  If you have Spring Break next week like us, I pray it’s all you want and need it to be.  For me, that’s lots of staying home and pjs.  Lol!  Love you all and praying for you every day!


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