Tabletop Tuesday

It’s the first Tuesday of the month which means it’s Tabletop Tuesday!  Definitely my most favorite tabletop of the year would be one that is decked in Christmas everything!  I have a Lenox Christmas Holly pattern, but my Christmas Spode is definitely my favorite!  It’s just a bit more of a casual look in my opinion and a little cozier I think.  I think just having seen this pattern so much growing up and it being around forever makes me happy!  I’m kind of an old soul in general, always gravitating to anything more traditional, whether it be china patterns, home decor and even probably my closet.  Lol!


I have been collecting this for several years, always trying to add to it.  I have even picked up a few serving pieces at Home Goods in recent years.  The Santa boot in the center my mom gave to me a few years ago.  The plaid tablecloth and candlesticks I found at Home Goods.  The napkins came from Pier One a few years ago and I added the monograms.  Monogrammed linens can be expensive, but I believe it’s a good investment because you will have them for a long time, using them over and over.  It is a pain having to wash and iron them, but it’s worth the extra work in my opinion.  The little Christmas trees we keep on tables in our basement and I just grabbed them to add because I thought it coordinated perfectly with the Spode pattern.


This table is a perfect example of just using what I already have and not using fresh flowers.  I love fresh flowers and use them from time to time, but I don’t think you always need them for a pretty table.  This is just my opinion.  I am NO expert.

Christmas is such a happy and exciting time!  It’s a great month to spend a little extra time and set a pretty table.  Make your table happy and add to your family’s memories this month!

See you friends tomorrow for Whip It Up Wednesday!

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