Cheeseball goodness

Who doesn’t love a cheeseball!?  There’s just not many people I’ve met that doesn’t love cheese in general.  Then you mix it with other cheeses and goodies and it’s hard to beat!  This is definitely a staple appetizer in our home and one I tend to make several times throughout December.  We had one for the SEC Championship this weekend and if you are doing any entertaining this month or for NYE, it’s definitely a crowd favorite.  It’s also a good recipe to take to your work parties, neighborhood parties, church small groups, etc.


I have a good one with pineapple in it that we love and maybe I’ll share down the road, but today I thought I would share more of a traditional one.   And my mom taught me a trick… Any time you make a cheese ball, depending on how many you are preparing for, you can make two smaller ones out of one recipe OR double the recipe and make two and freeze the other.  Then you have one in the freezer you can pull out for that last minute plan!  Give it some time to thaw and then you serve it as if you just made it!  No one will ever know and it’s just as delicious!  Any time I make one, I ALWAYS do this and it works like a charm.

This recipe I had at my dear friend, Ami’s house last December.  We gobbled it up and I’m not really sure if we saved much for her family to enjoy after we left. HaHa!  I immediately knew I needed this recipe.  She had it on a platter with pickled okra, pickles, olives and a jelly to add on top of the cheese if you prefer a little sweet with your cheese.  It was scrumptious!  The recipe is at the bottom for printing.


Who’s working on their Santa buckets this week!?  I want to see it!  And of course, you don’t need the actual buckets to do this fun.  Just do anything for your neighbors, co workers or friends and attach the printable to it!  Maybe bless someone with that extra cheeseball and a box of crackers.  How awesome would you be by doing that!?  Spread some cheer and fun around you!  It will bless you more than it will them!  Y’all, IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE LIFE BIG!

See you tomorrow for Table Top Tuesday. Love you all!  I’m praying the best Monday you’ve ever had on you today!


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