Fall Gifties

Yesterday I shared how I made pumpkin bread.  Can y’all even believe how easy that was!?  Well, here they are all bagged up and ready to head out to friends and family.  Presentation is sooo important in my opinion, so I love to keep things on hand for that last minute gift.


I love baking and I really love bagging it up and getting it out of my house so I am not tempted.  Haha!  It is always a joy of mine to send goodies to school or surprise a neighbor with a treat in their mailbox or at their front door.  I had asked a while back about some things you would like to see on the blog and I had a few of you ask for me to show you things I buy and keep on hand to make last minute gifting look good, so I thought I’d share that today.

Many of you know I am a paper hoarder.  I love all things paper like wrapping paper, napkins, party bags, gift tags, etc.  If I see it and love it, whether I need it or not, I grab it.  I know there will be a day I’ll use it!

As you can see below, I always have clear and gift bags on hand.  It’s so easy to throw stuff in it, tie some pretty ribbon on it, add a gift tag and you have yourself a pretty gift.  I have a silhouette machine and make most of my tags with it.  I keep a lot of these tags on hand with our family name and I also keep ones with just my kid’s names for their friends’ birthday parties.  These tags are very reasonable to purchase if you do not have a silhouette machine.  My friend at Oh Suzy Q Designs has the cutest personalized paper goodies and can get you all set for your next gift.  Go follow her on Instagram or you can order from her Etsy store if you aren’t on Instagram.


I LOVE pretty ribbon and I just think it looks so much better than those bagged bows, so I typically stock up when Hobby Lobby has their ribbon 50% off.  And I always have boxes and wrapping paper on hand as well.

I also think a gift is more fun with a little confetti or paper shred.  I’m reminded of the quote I saw at my son’s school recently that said, “let’s toss kindness around like confetti”.  Loved that!  Wouldn’t it be fun to toss your kindness around with a fun gift with confetti inside it!  Haha!  I bought every bit of my paper shred at the dollar store.

These bags, tags, and baking cups came from Target.  I knew the second I saw them, they had to be mine and I would be sending them off to someone with some pumpkin bread.


Well this was an extra long post, but I hope it helps.  Always feel free to ask questions.  Love to all!

One thought on “Fall Gifties

  1. I was wondering how you stored your cute stuff, I never thought of the shredded paper in glass jars, how creative in cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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