Happy Fri-Yay: Fall Treats

Happy Fri-Yay!  I hope your week has been fabulous and your weekend will be even better!  I thought I would share a little October tradition I have been doing with my kids for several years now, in hopes that maybe you can grab the goodies and start a tradition with your family this weekend.  My kids always look forward to it and get super happy when I pull it all out.  And mommas, it will keep them busy for a while.  Can I get an amen!?

All you need are square pretzels, Hershey kisses and candy corn.  I tell the kids to spread out the pretzels on a baking pan (this in itself can take a while) and then I give them each 3 bowls: one with the kisses, one for the wrappers, and one to put the kisses inside.  After unwrapping all the kisses, have them load each pretzel with a kiss and put in preheated 250 degree oven for approximately 4 minutes.  Oven times can vary.  Immediately place candy corn on chocolate after coming out of oven. Just warn them that the pan can be a little hot.  Depending on their age, it can be done without burning themselves.  I typically model what to do and they usually follow well. If they are really young, this may be the part you need to do.  You can put in refrigerator to set or you can just devour them immediately while the chocolate is warm and gooey.  This is one of those times I wish so badly I could use an emoji like on our phones. HaHa!



Have the best weekend with your loved ones and plan the little things that they will remember for years to come!  Praying for you!  Hugs to all!


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