Whip It Up Wednesday: Pumpkin Bread

It’s Whip It Up Wednesday and since today is the first Wednesday of October, I thought it only fitting to make some pumpkin bread!  And y’all, here’s the best part…  I used this box!


I make pumpkin bread every year, but I have never even seen this box mix with everything, including the can of pumpkin!  Libby’s Pumpkin could not have made it easier or more delicious in my opinion!  The only thing I did different was add pecans because my mom has taught me that pecans make everything better!  We have joked through the years that my mom could eat anything as long as pecans were added to it!


And isn’t it so pretty with the cream cheese drizzle!?  They will be tied up and sent to family and friends.  And tomorrow, I am showing you what I buy and things I do to make last minute gifts such as this look fabulous!


Have the best Wednesday and remember it’s the little things like sending pumpkin bread to friends and family that could potentially make someone’s day!  Be intentional and plan to bring a smile to someone’s face soon!  Hugs to all!

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