A New Years Eve Idea

Hi friends!  I pray you all had the BEST Christmas!  It’s so hard to believe it’s over and I’m always sad when it has to end, but I remind myself of how blessed we are and all we have to look forward to in the new year!  My husband often tells me it wouldn’t be near as special if Christmas was all the time, but I am not quite sure I’m buying that!  We decorated on November 1 and I have had several ask if I get tired of it.  Are they really kidding!?  I don’t think that’s possible for me! I have packed away everything, but my trees.  Not really sure when those are coming down yet and I’m debating on leaving the kids and my kitchen tree up.  I’m thinking it would be fun to decorate them for Valentine’s Day! I did that in the kitchen last year and we loved it.  It helped us to transition a bit.  Hahaha!

Today I’m sharing a new tradition we started last year with some friends for New Year’s Eve.  It was such a hit that we decided it would be our New Year’s Eve tradition every year (Lord willing).  I thought it may give you an idea and get your wheels spinning too!

As much as I do enjoy being in the kitchen most of the time, I feel like after Christmas you’re just pooped.  Also, you may think you would like to throw a party, but just not up for all the work of cooking, preparing, etc.  That was me last year.  I wanted to have some friends over and just chill.  However, I wasn’t up for kitchen work, so we ordered Chinese take out and used paper everything.  We ate and played cards all night and had a blast.  I did make a chocolate sheet cake, but it was easy peasy.  Here are pictures from last year.  We are planning to do the same this year!


I even think just ordering pizza would be a blast.  Have a pizza party, play cards and laugh the night away with the ones you love!  Just being together is what it’s all about!

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