Valentine’s Breakfast

Every Valentine’s Day morning I always do a little “extra” at the breakfast table with food, decorations and a goodie bucket.  Nothing that’s too expensive.  Celebrating is just another way I love on my kids and often times I don’t spend any extra just by using things I already have for decorating.  And if I do spend a little, I’m betting that over half my “surprises” and decorations come from places like The Dollar Tree, Target dollar spot or Walmart.

I prepared this breakfast idea for my kids on Saturday just so I could show you guys a little early so you could prepare and of course they absolutely loved it, especially my daughter.  She has been on a pancakes “kick” recently.  This was sooo quick to throw together.



The sand dollar pancakes are the frozen Eggos brand.  Below you will see the food pen and candy eyes I used, both purchased from Michaels. I then just cut up strawberries with red in mind for Valentine’s.  You could easily scramble some eggs and/or bacon and both would make yummy additions.


As for decorations, the “placemats” are simply scrapbook paper.  This is something I have done quite often and such an inexpensive way to add seasonal table decor with very little expense.  The paper plates are from Hobby Lobby and ones that I already had on hand.  The paper cups of syrup were a Homegoods find last year.  My kids actually prefer dipping their pancakes in syrup rather than it being poured on top of each.  The glass cups you may remember me using for strawberry milkshakes.  We have really enjoyed using them for milkshakes and milk and juice in the mornings.  The platter I found at Homegoods recently.

I pray you all have a wonderful start to your week and this gives you some inspiration for Valentine’s morning!

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