Whip It Up Wednesday: Turkey Cookies

Happy Thanksgiving week, my friends!  I pray your November has been blessed.  It has certainly been flying by for us.  I feel like we were just dressing up for Halloween night last week.  Time must surely fly when you’re having fun!

Today I wanted to share these adorable turkey cookies and a huge short cut!  I love decorating sugar cookies a few times a year with royal icing.  It’s something I really enjoy playing with when I have the time.  However, for me it is very time consuming.  I don’t do them often enough I guess to be faster.  I usually take 2-3 days to complete them just because there are so many steps.


About a year ago I had some Pillsbury break-n-bake cookies in my fridge and the idea hit me, “why not just use these for the cookie and just add the icing to the top.”  It was football season and our team was in the playoffs and I made these football stadium cookies.  Underneath them, you’d never know a little jack-o-lantern is hiding.

I did the exact same thing for these turkey heads.  I had bought these same jack-o-lantern cookies in October and we just never got around to making them.  I decided they needed to turn into a turkey.  So, I just made a very simple royal icing recipe.  I then separated the icing into 3 bowls and added food coloring of brown, orange and red.


Simple Royal Icing

meringue powder (see pic below)

powdered sugar


I used about a 1/3 of a bag of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon of meringue powder and then just add water to the consistency you would like.  Obviously, the more water you add, the thinner the consistency, so start with a little at a time.

I recommend using piping bags rather than ziploc bags to add your icing.  Once you add your brown icing, immediately add your candy eyes.  Let the brown icing completely dry before adding your orange beak and then your red gobbler.

I had two little helpers assisting me.  I gave them 2 cookies and let them decorate their own lil turkeys.

I have lots of Christmas cookies ideas using this same concept.  I’m thinking gingerbread men, Santa bellies, snowman, etc.  If you can work with a round cookie rather than the cookie cutter shapes, the time you will save is huge!

I pray you all have the BEST Thanksgiving, soaking up ALL the blessings the Lord has given us!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His steadfast love endures forever.  Psalm 136:1

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