Whip It Up Wednesday: Crazy Halloween Brownies

Happy Whip It Up Wednesday!  Here’s a last minute, but SUPER quick and easy recipe for your Halloween plans!  I made these for my son’s class party and made extra for our dessert on Halloween night because WE NEED MORE SUGAR!  Bahahahaha!


All you need is a box of brownies, whatever brand you prefer, a variety of candy and candy wiggly eyes.  You can customize however you would like.  It could not have been easier and was a lot of fun.  You can’t mess these up and it is sure to be a hit with kids!


I made the brownies as directed and baked for half the time.   Then I pulled it out and quickly added the candy and put back in the oven for the remainder of time.  It was as easy as that!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and a very Happy Halloween!



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