Whip It Up Wednesday: Pumpkin Delight

Y’all, I have been so excited to share this recipe with you!  It was such a huge hit, not only with my family, but friends as well.  If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know that I hosted bunco at my house last week.  If you are not familiar with bunco, I did a blog all about it this time last year if you’d like to go back to read.  I’ll link it here.


Every October, I host it at my home and for this particular night I decided to try a new recipe for the dessert.  This is something I NEVER do!  I never, ever try new recipes when having company because you just never know if it will be a good one or not.   I just never want to risk it.  Buuuuut, I decided to give this one a “go” because I make this same recipe in a chocolate version and it’s amazing and definitely a dessert favorite around here.  I have shared that recipe on the blog before and have included it again below.  Some people call this 4-Layer Dessert or Chocolate Delight.


I knew since it was the same recipe with the exception of the chocolate layer changing to pumpkin goodness, it had to be good!  Also, what’s not to love about all things pumpkin!?  The mixture of the puddings, spices and pumpkin is just over-the-top YUM!  Fortunately since it made such a big recipe, there were plenty of leftovers for my hubby and kids.  They have already asked when I’ll be making another one.  The answer is SOON!


Here is the recipe I used.  ***For the pumpkin layer, I used one vanilla and 2 cheesecake pudding mixes instead of what’s listed and doubled the cookie bottom.


This would make an awesome dessert for Thanksgiving day and one I would highly recommend!  If you try it, let me know what your family thinks!

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