Crazy Halloween Shakes

Another weekend has come and gone.  Howwww does that happen so fast!?  I can’t complain.  We had a great one and I pray you did, as well.

Today I thought I’d share our crazy, Halloween inspired ice cream shakes I made for the kids on Friday after school.  I don’t always have a special treat for them on Fridays, but I try to do it often.  I just think Fridays are meant for celebrating!  Don’t you!?  And you know we take any excuse for special treats and celebrations around here.

I started by spreading vanilla cupcake icing on the edges of the glasses.  This makes all the goodies stick.


I then simply dipped the rims in sprinkles.  Then I took a candy bar and broke it up in larger pieces.  I spread more icing on the candy and added them here and there on top of the sprinkles.


Then just use whatever ice cream your kiddos prefer.  I chose orange sherbet and topped with candy corn and candy corn pumpkins.  I found Halloween peeps at Big Lots and stuck them on a kabob skewer.  The fun straws I picked up at Hobby Lobby.


The kids of course loved these and asked if we could have these every Friday.  Hahaha.  Not sure about that.  Momma may should consider the amount of candy corns I add to the top next time.  They were bouncing off the walls after this shake, but would I do it again!?  Duh!  You bet I would!  They are only kids once and we are trying our best to make it as memorable and FUN as we possibly can!



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