Whip It Up Wednesday: Mini Smores Pies

Doesn’t Fall just make you think about sitting around a fire and making smores!?   It is something we love to do every year on our patio.  I love to pile my party cart with alllll the smores goodies.  The kids think it’s just the best thing ever, roasting their marshmallows and getting messy with all the gooey goodness .  I love to have an assortment of chocolate candies as options and the kids love to make their own “concoction” we like to call it.

Since it is unusually hot for this time of year in Alabama, I decided to wait a bit for the usual patio fire and surprise the kids with an afternoon treat one day.  I made these adorable smores mini pies.  I found this idea on pinterest and followed this recipe.  It was crazy easy and quick.  The perfect treat to make together with your kiddos as well.



Mini graham cracker crust

Instant chocolate pudding



Just follow directions for instant pudding and fill pie crust.  The pie crust come 6 to a pack.  I believe you could have filled around 8-10.  I just filled the 6 and put the rest in the fridge for a pudding snack.  Top with marshmallows.


Put your oven on broil and literally stand there to watch.  Do not do what I did and walk away because your first batch will end up like mine.  Haha!


I love a good burnt marshmallow and could have eaten them up just like this.  However, I knew my kid’s preference is different than mine.  So, I literally ate almost that entire stack before chunking the rest.  Fortunately, the marshmallow topping just came right off without any problem and I just did it again.  LOL.


Y’all, it was as simple as that and the kids gobbled them up.  I think this would have been amazing with a fudge pie recipe or even a brownie batter (baked obviously). However, my kids enjoyed the pudding.


Have the a great Wednesday, my friends!

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