Movie Night

We love a movie night in our basement.  It just does my heart so good when we get all cozy down there with blankets, popcorn, special treats and drinks.  I love when the kids actually ask to do these things and it’s not prompted by me.  When they actually want us to snuggle and have “family night” it just makes it much more special.  I know our days may be limited with this, although I am praying they aren’t.  I will always try my best to make it happen.  Often times they will also ask to make pallets in our room and have a “sleep over” these same nights.  We try really hard to do this one night during the weekend.  It’s something they talk about all week and really look forward to.  I can’t say that I sleep well.  In fact, I don’t.  I hear every noice they make and am constantly worried if they have kicked their covers off, but I will let them do it as long as they want.  They are only little once, so we will savor every bit of it as often as we can!

IMG_7776IMG_7782IMG_7774IMG_7818This weekend our movie night was Hotel Transylvania.  We made small personal pan size pizzas we get from Costco.  I popped popcorn and we baked the Pilsbury pumpkin cookies.  It was basically a bunch of junk, but we had fun and made a memory.  We will worry about eating healthier tomorrow.  Haha!  Sometimes you just gotta throw that healthy stuff out the door for a bit and make a memory, right!?

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope this will encourage you to have a themed “family night” soon.  We try hard to do these often.  I pray these nights filled with little things like popcorn and pumpkin cookies are nights they will remember forever!


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