Teacher Fall Happies

I love, love sending little gifties in for the teachers throughout the year.  They do so much for our kids and I just feel it’s a very small gesture of appreciation for all they do.   I don’t think you have to spend a lot of money to say thank you.  Of course, I’m a bit biased to teachers, having been one myself before kiddos.  They work HARD y’all!  It’s truly an exhausting job.

I don’t always send in big gifts.  This one would definitely be considered little.  I typically save bigger gifts for the beginning of the year, Christmas, teacher appreciation week and end of year.  But every Fall I usually send in a little pumpkin themed something.  Often times I do a lot of the same things, but usually change up a thing or two.

This year I decided to send a Fall towel, hand soap and Reese cups.  The towels I found as a two-pack for $6.99 at Homegoods, which was perfect to split.  The Reese Cups and jack-o-lantern were both $1 from Walmart.  The hand soap was a $1 as well from Big Lots.  Also, I have seen these for the same price at JoAnn’s Fabric.


I love to cut the original plastic handle off of the jack-o-lanterns and replace with ribbon and bows.  The gingham ribbon was $2.99 at Hobby Lobby, but I always wait for it to be 50% off.  So all in all, I probably spent approximately $8 each with tax.  Just a little “happy” to hopefully brighten their day!  I plan to send these in on October 1.  Hopefully it will be the “little things” like a jack-o-lantern filled with small goodies that will brighten these sweet teacher’s day!


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