Whip It Up Wednesday: Applesauce Spice Crumb Muffins

Y’all know I’m all about apple recipes this month and this is another new one I tried from Beth at The First Year Blog and it was wonderful.  We enjoyed them for breakfast one morning and it made my house smell just like a crisp, cool Fall morning and had us pretending it wasn’t 100 degrees here in Birmingham, Alabama.  (eye roll)  The Lord knows I’m gonna need these temps to drop pronto please to go along with all things Fall baking.  Goodness gracious!  Give me all the soups, comfort food, apple, pumpkin and spice cake recipes for Fall!


I’m sharing the link to her blog and recipe here.

Applesauce Spice Crumb Muffins

She is a recipe developer and I have always enjoyed her recipes.

The only difference is I did not add the powdered sugar drizzle at the end.  Honestly, some of the crumb topping was falling off and I tried it and it was so delicious that I just didn’t even think it needed that extra bit of sweetness for breakfast.  If you are baking these for a dessert, I would probably add the drizzle.  I just served them warm, sliced them in half and added a little butter on either side and the kids and I gobbled them up!  Perfect for a Fall morning paired with a cup of coffee!  Not super sweet and I prefer that for breakfast. Here they are before going in the oven.


And then the magic happened!  Doesn’t that look scrumptious!?


Thanks for being here!  Love you all!  Praying for you everyday!!

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