Scarecrow Treats

There’s something about an adorable scarecrow that I have always loved!  When I was a teacher, I always decorated my door with the most adorable huge scarecrow.  They are my favorite lil character for Fall, just like a gingerbread man is at Christmas! So, when I saw these ADORABLE scarecrows, made from Little Debbie’s beloved oatmeal pies on The Keeper of the Cheerios blog, I knew I must try them for myself.  I plan to stick these in my kids lunchboxes.  Won’t they just love that!?  And if you are planning a Fall play date or have a school party that you are making treats for, wouldn’t these be PERFECT!?


They took a little time, but nothing was hard about it!  You can see the supplies I gathered below.



Brown and orange construction paper


Black Sharpie

Raffia Ribbon


You don’t need to make royal icing cookies when you can just buy Little Debbies and enjoy a little crafting. LOL.  Seriously, I think these are the cuuutest!  Throw these all over a platter to take to the park for a play date and you’ll have the cutest treat there I bet!  Or make some and surprise your kids after school one day or in their lunchbox for the sweetest lil’ smiles and memory!


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