Grandparent’s Day: Pumpkin Towel

Sunday is Grandparent’s Day and I wanted to do a little something to let our grandparents know how much we appreciated and loved them!  I loved the idea of Grandma’s lil pumpkins hanging on her oven.  Don’t you?  I know I am constantly changing my kitchen towels out year round on our oven.  Some of my favorite ones are of course our holiday ones.  I often times hang more than one on my oven.


I found a pack of plain white tea towels at Walmart.  I believe the pack was around $5 for approximately 6 towels.  This was SUPER easy and very quick to do.  Have your child make a fist and simply stamp the orange paint and then stamp the tea towel.  I then finished the towel by adding the brown stem and green vines.  You can add the child’s name and age under each pumpkin if you would like.  I just think these are so simple and sweet!  You could have your child make a homemade card and I think this is all you need. It’s all about that thought, right!?


If you wanted a little something extra, you could grab a hand soap to pair with the towel as I did here.  I found these soaps at Big Lots on sale for $1 and the scarecrow can came from The Dollar Tree.  I probably have a total of $3 in each gift.  So inexpensive, yet I think it will melt their hearts and will be sweet to pull out year after year.


Have a wonderful weekend, friends!  See you next week!



2 thoughts on “Grandparent’s Day: Pumpkin Towel

  1. So cute! We will make some this afternoon! Will the paint stay on if you wash the towels? I’m guessing you used acrylic paint?


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