Caramel Apple Mini Cakes

When I think of September recipes, I think apples.  It’s the start of Fall, but not full-blown pumpkin everything yet.  Oh it’s coming though.  Y’all just get ready!  Haha!  I think apples is such a great transition though.  When I saw a picture of these mini bundt cakes from What Molly Made, I knew I was going to have to try them.  I just knew by looking at the pictures that I was going to have to share with you guys.  The recipe did not disappoint.  I knew as soon as it started with a stick of butter, brown sugar, honey, apples and pecans, I was doomed!  Simply decadent and delicious!



If you do not have a mini bundt cake pan, I think a regular sized bundt pan (like the ones you would make a pound cake in) would work just fine and be beautiful as well.  I purchased this Wilton’s pan from Michael’s if you are interested and you can usually always find a 40% off coupon online.


There are a few steps to this recipe, but none are difficult and trust me when I say they are all very much worth it!  I think if you are having family or friends over anytime during the Fall, this dessert makes such a pretty presentation!


As you can see, when you take them out of the oven you may think, “oh no, that is not going to be pretty.”  But when you invert them, which I did on a huge baking pan, they turn out beautifully.  You can cut any edges around the sides to make that perfect circle (and eat them immediately).  haha!  That warm bread is to die for!  The perfect soft, yet also the perfect crunch.  Then transfer to your serving dish using a spatula.  Make sure you allow the cakes to cool a little before inverting them or they will just crumble apart.  And be sure to spray your pan or they will stick and you will have a mess.  Adding the recipe in a PDF below for you to print.

One short cut I took and something to consider next time you buy apples is that I actually used a bag of frozen apples I had cut up months ago.  My husband eats at least one apple (if not more) a day and there was a batch that just had that grainy texture.  I know you know what I’m talking about.  They just weren’t good and no one was going to eat them.  He finally just told me to throw them away.  That is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine though.  I simply HATE to waste food and immediately thought, I have nothing to loose.  Why not cut them up and at least try making some oatmeal or some kind of dessert out of them, hoping if they were cooked in a recipe, you wouldn’t be able to tell and guess what!?  It worked beautifully!  It tasted just like I had just cut them up for this recipe.  You can see how I just chopped them and placed in a freezer bag.  I simply dumped them in a colander and rinsed since there was a little frost.  This is just a tip to keep in mind if you ever get those grainy apples and no one in the family wants to eat them.  They will be brown, but no worries.  It doesn’t even matter when you are cooking them.


We LOVED this recipe and it will be in rotation throughout the Fall!  Let me know if you try it.  I love when y’all send me pictures!!  I can’t believe it is already Wednesday!!  Can you!?  Blessings to you all!  You are in my prayers EVERYDAY!

Caramel Apple Mini Cakes

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