Football Party Cart

Another weekend has come and gone and I have to say it was a fun one for us.  Saturday was filled with family, football and lots of yummy food. The combination of those three is hard to beat!

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Today, I thought I would share our small party cart that I decorated on Saturday to kick off the football season.  I keep this party cart on our patio year round and use it most anytime we are on the patio.  Even if it’s just the four of us, I still often times use for drinks and food.  It has definitely been a good purchase and one that’s gotten a lot of use.


You may remember this same chalkboard that I used last year around this time.  I just decided to recreate the same board. Both the chalk board and pom pom garland are from Hobby Lobby.

There were only 4 kids, but I always love having a snack/bar cart for the kids most any occasion. When you have things already on hand, it really is easy and doesn’t take long to throw together.  I added the football doozie cookies that I shared on Friday to the cart.  I made them and immediately put in our extra refrigerator to save for Saturday.  I  then simply popped some popcorn and added a sprinkling of M&Ms. My kids can hardly eat popcorn unless there’s a mixture of M&Ms.  Haha!  I did it once and that’s all it took.  But can you blame them!?  The cupcake liners that I used for the popcorn were a Homegoods purchase.  I have had them for a while and love to keep a variety of colors on hand and often times use them for more than just cupcakes.  Then I just took small water bottles and added duct tape for decoration.  You can find an assortment of decorative duct tape at Hobby Lobby or Walmart.  The treat bags have a sucker, stickers and bubbles, all of which came from the Dollar Tree.092599FD-27AB-4B98-A879-9A28BE09DAFD81943B14-CE8E-46FD-83F2-856F857DCA6D

The football color page I downloaded and printed from Pinterest just as an extra activity for the kids.  They really enjoyed the color sheets!


If you have a patio, you may would like to consider adding a bar/party cart to it.  It is so fun and convenient.  My kids have even asked me before, “mommy, what are you putting on the party cart?”  It may just be as simple as popcorn and drinks, but it’s something they look forward to and will hopefully be a memory they have for years to come.

I’ve shared with you guys before how I often add things to our table besides just flowers, especially when you are just going with a casual theme.  I just grabbed things from around our home that I already had for this table.  I thought it turned out pretty cute.  I then used old coke bottles and added M&Ms to the jars with a football party pick.  I believe both the big party footballs and picks came from The Christmas Tree Store last year.  The football table runner came from Swoozies and I’ve had it for several years.


If you are interested in our weekly dinner menu, be sure to check out my Instagram stories from yesterday.  It is only available for 24 hours, but I do plan to save to a highlights bar each week so you can refer back to as well.  I hope this may help some of you!  Praying you all have a blessed week!



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