Whip It Up Wednesday: Crock Pot Stuffed Bell Peppers

Don’t you just love a crock pot!?  I mean, how in the world did women back in the day cook without it!?  And while this recipe is a little more involved than the typical “dump and forget” crockpot recipes, I think it is still easy and it’s always so nice to have the bulk of your meal done first thing in the morning.  I simply tossed a salad to pair with this recipe.  We all really enjoyed it and I will be making it again!

I got this recipe from Chef Savvy.  On her recipe, she did not brown the meat before adding the the peppers, so feel free to not do that.  It certainly would make preparing quicker.  I actually liked the idea of my meat being already cooked.  I’m probably weird.  Haha.  So that’s really the only thing I did differently, other than half the recipe.  I hate wasting food and knew that 5-6 bell peppers would just be too much for us.  I only made 3 bell peppers, planning to cut one in half for the kids.  I will put the full recipe of hers in a PDF at the bottom for you to print, but keep in mind that I halved everything when you look at my pictures.  You may want to do this depending on how many you are feeding.



As you can see, we ate chips with our pepper and it was scrumptious!  I added sour cream, cilantro seasoning, guacamole and lime wedges.

Have the best hump day, my friends!  I hope you love this crock pot recipe as much as we did!

Slow Cooker Stuffed Bell Peppers

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