Infused Water

Have you ever been to a spa, wedding or an event and they had a beautiful display of water with fresh fruit, herbs, and/or cucumbers?  I will go to the spa for a massage from time to time and any time I go, there is always the most beautiful, refreshing pitcher of water.  It seems it’s a bit different every time I go.  Sometimes it’s an assortment of fruit (always different), other times they may have cucumbers and mint and I absolutely LOVE it.  The last time I went, I thought this would be so easy to have at home, hence the whole idea behind this post.

I really couldn’t decide what fruit I wanted, so I just decided why not try them all and add to individual mason jars.  It not only gave me the chance to have a variety, but also has been so convenient to just grab.  Here is a list of what I used:









I have also seen the spa use raspberries, which is always delicious as well.  I made them and a couple hours later was anxious to try with our dinner, but that really didn’t give them enough time to infuse.  I found them perfect the next day.  You can see I got 8 jars and just put the ingredients in first and then just filled each with water.  SOOOOO easy to do and you can just customize yours how you wish.


These would also make the most adorable tailgate additions!  Throw in a galvanized tub of ice, alongside jars of lemonade and iced tea, of course (my drink of choice always). Just one more little football party/tailgating idea for you!  Bring it on, folks!  We ready!  (insert happy dance)


Happy weekend, friends!  Make it a good one!  Love to you all!

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