Kid Chores

Happy Friday, friends! Who’s doing the weekend dance!? We are because we SURVIVED the first full week of school!  We have certainly missed the lazy, slow mornings, but getting back in a routine has been nice for everyone I think.  I do miss my babies during the day, but have stayed busy. I’ve had a couple lunch dates with friends that were long over due and catching up with them has been wonderful!

I have had some followers ask if I would do a post on chores that my kids do daily.   I thought this may be good timing since lots of us are trying to get back in a routine and out of that summer slump.  I tried to stay consistent with them during the summer, but we definitely did some slacking and have been trying hard to get back in that groove this week.

Here is what we expect from each kid:

My 6 year old daughter helps set the table each night, adds ice to cups before dinner, uses the stick-vac to vacuum under table and kitchen after dinner.

My 7 year old son puts up all condiments on table in refrigerator or pantry after dinner, brings anything left on table to sink/counter and takes out the trash.

Both kids put silverware up from dishwasher.  Basically whichever kid is close by and available does this.  If my kids could reach the cabinets to plates, cups, etc., they would be doing that as well.  As they get older and taller, they WILL be doing the rest.  Ha!  They make their bed each morning, pick up toys daily and take any clean laundry on stairs up to their rooms each night to put up.


I hope these can give you mommas some ideas and help some of you.  Throw out some ideas to me too!! I’m all about adding to this list.  LOL!  I’m also all about teaching them responsibility, building a strong work ethic, boosting their confidence and even a sense of self pride for being able to give back to our family.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy time with your family and I will see y’all here on Monday!


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