Morning Routine Charts

Hi there, my friends!  I am back!  I have been taking a little summer break to ensure all my time and focus was on my babies and not this computer.  I have learned since having kiddos how fast time actually does fly and I wanted to make sure I was doing my best to soak up every second I could during our summer fun.  Thank you for allowing me to cherish that time and for those of you that are here today, I am so GRATEFUL FOR YOU!  Now that we are back in school, my plan is to blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and maybe an occasional Tuesday or Thursday here or there.

Since starting school, I quickly realized how a morning routine chart could help my kiddos, especially my youngest.  This is her first year at “big school” and so she’s not really used to getting up and getting out the door fast.  These schools start early, y’all!  I think just having this visual posted in a couple places for them to refer to could help us all.  I struggled with the order.  I know some of you mommas may prefer your kids to get up and get dressed immediately, but I finally settled on going to school with clean clothes rather than smelling like pancake syrup or having toothpaste spots on us OR worse, having to change into a different set of clothes before heading out.  Sooo, we are eating breakfast first and then doing alll the things.

I made two charts, one for younger children who may not be reading yet with visuals and one word and then put a little more detail and wording for the older ones.  I think I may post ours in their room (maybe on the back of their door) and then another one where we hang our backpacks.  I hope this can help some of you!


Thank you again for being here and I will see y’all soon for Whip It Up Wednesday!

Morning Routine (older kid)

Morning Routine (younger)

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