Firecracker Kid Craft

Happy Fourth of July week! I will be doing little things each day to prepare so that on the day of, I am fully engaged and enjoying my family. Today, I am showing you a fun craft your kids can make for your kid table décor.  I also love the idea of having a craft table set up and just letting the kids make their own to take home, which is what I plan to do.  Keeping young kids engaged and happy can be challenging at times and I think most would enjoy the liberty of making their very own firecracker!  Plus it involves candy.  Hello!  Happy kiddos indeed!



**You will need to start saving all your toilet paper and paper towel rolls this week.

Materials you will need:

Toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls

Variety of paper: construction paper, scrap paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper (leftover red and white Christmas paper is perfect)

Pipe cleaners


Paper Shred

Tape or glue


Optional:  Markers, Crayons, Stickers, glitter, ribbon

I started by placing the roll in the center of my tissue paper and just rolling up and taping down the center.  Then just stuff the extra in the roll on one end.  Add your candy and/or paper shred.  With the remaining end, you will simply twist with a pipe cleaner.  Then take the two sides of pipe cleaner and wind around a pen or pencil.  Let the kids be creative here and add their decor.  If using crayons or markers, you may suggest having them do their artwork before placing on the roll.


A craft table can get messy, so if that isn’t the route you want to go, you could always pre-make these and just have at each place setting for the children.  I plan to have one of those cheap, outdoor vinyl tablecloths for my craft table, which will also serve as their food table.  If stickers, markers, and food are all over it at the end of the day, I won’t mind just tossing it in the trash.  I will have a tiered tray full of all the crafting supplies.

Let me know if you make them and as always, I LOVE to see y’alls pictures!  Love you all!  Share with me all your “little” memories this week!


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