Kid’s July 4th Party Bar

We almost always have friends and/or family over for the 4th of July.  There’s always something being thrown on the grill and I have people bring sides just to make it easier on me.  It’s been my experience when having people over that most would prefer to bring something (even if it’s something little) because it just makes them feel more comfortable coming to someone’s house knowing they are helping out a bit.  So, do yourself a favor and when they ask (because they will), have something already in mind to tell them.

Anytime we are having a crowd over, I love to put together a little something for the kids.  I enjoy doing it and it’s certainly a little something special I hope my kids will always remember.  I’m sharing pictures from last year.  The theme I had in mind was a “poppin’ good time”.


This is simply a bag of Popcorn Indiana (our fav) and then tossed with red, white and blue M&Ms. I then just grabbed Pop Rocks, Blow Pops and Ring Pops from The Dollar Tree.  Cupcakes were from our local grocery store.  Kids don’t care about homemade!


The flag backdrop I made a couple years ago with just different ribbons and fabrics from Hobby Lobby.  I think the key is using different textures of each.  The white ribbon is a combination of lace, ribbed edge ribbon and pom pom ribbon.  Then for the fabric, I just ripped it all.  I didn’t use scissors at all.  I have a combination of solid white, red and gingham and I just used a long wooden dowel rod to tie everything on.  I got a scrap piece of blue fabric and cut a kitchen sponge in the shape of a star to stamp.  I have loved it and used it for Valentine’s Day, as well as Christmas.  I simply used a clothespin for the blue fabric, so it can easily be removed for other holidays.  It’s been great to pull out each year!


I hope you are inspired to throw together a small table or area for all the kiddos in your life for the 4th.  It sure is fun and I bet you get BIG smiles and lots of memories with just a little bit of planning and effort.  It’s all about the little things!



One thought on “Kid’s July 4th Party Bar

  1. Well if this isn’t the cutest!! I’m loving the “poppin good time” theme and the flag backdrop. Since you listed all the holidays the backdrop is useful for, I’m thinking I definitely need to make one! Happy 4th!! 💥 🇺🇸


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