Father’s Day Idea

Father’s Day is this Sunday and I wanted to throw out a few sentimental ideas that we have done over the years.  If you are like me, these are some of the most special gifts.  We have a hallway leading to our master bedroom covered with family pictures.  I love to scatter these type gifts throughout the pictures, as well.  They each bring so many special memories.

“You are our sunshine” was my husband’s first Father’s Day gift from my son.  As you can see at the bottom, he was just 6 months old. The superhero picture on the left was done at school and I wanted to include it because I thought it was too cute.  The face and words were made with vinyl, but you could easily just use a sharpie and paint.  Both of these were made on an 8×10 canvas.


Now this one is definitely my favorite and is actually pretty “handy”.  Not sure how it is in your home, but in ours, daddy is the grill master!  And there’s typically always stuff he is carrying out to the grill.  Obviously there’s the meat, but sometimes maybe cheese, sauces, etc.  Isn’t a tray the perfect gift for the King of the Grill dad!?  The kids made this tray several years ago, but if I had it to do over again, I may even do it on one of those galvanized trays from Walmart.  So, so cute!!  The lion face is nothing but lots of orange and yellow hand prints, with the palm of hand obviously in the middle and the fingers being the crazy hair.  The black face and writing I did with a sharpie.  Pretty sure I probably used a pencil first before using the permanent marker.  I think this would make a great basket idea paired with grill accessories and condiments.  Does he have a favorite  BBQ sauce, spices, apron, grilling utensils, grilling cookbook, etc.  My husband has a Big Green Egg and I remember going to a local store that sold Big Green Egg accessories and adding that with the tray.

IMG_0340I am also planning a fun Father’s Day table for Sunday.  I’ll be sure to share the details toward the end of the week on Instagram.  Have a wonderful week, my friends.  See you back here for Whip It Up Wednesday!

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