Summer Scripture Cards

It’s the first official full week of summer break for us and I couldn’t be more excited!  I know these sweet kiddos of mine will be driving me crazy and each other crazy very soon, but I’m just ready for a different kind of crazy!  Hahaha!  I pray you all had a wonderful, relaxing long weekend.  We did a whole bunch of nothing, which was exactly what this momma needed.  I didn’t want any specific plans and to just go and do as we wanted.  We did a ton of backyard grilling, pool time and I couldn’t believe it but my kids actually slept until 8:00 one morning.   That hasn’t happened in forever and it was glorious!

While at the pool this weekend, I ran into the sweetest friend and we were just talking about things we wanted our kids to do over summer break.  She mentioned having the kids memorize a scripture each week and I thought what a BRILLIANT idea!  I am all about getting as much of Jesus in my babies little spirits and hearts as possible.  These will be simple and easy scriptures to memorize that I pray will stick with them forever.


I am making 2 available today for the next 2 weeks and will continue to make new ones available every couple weeks.  They are in a PDF at the bottom for you to print.  My plan is to print and laminate several to put on bathroom mirrors, on bedroom dressers, and probably even in kitchen and car since we tend to spend a lot of time in those 2 places, as well.  Just reciting these a few times a day, every day for a week should do the trick I think!


Love you all and praying for you everyday!  For those of you that have reached out to me about specific prayer request, I have written them down and pray over them everyday.  Happy summer, my friends!

Scripture cards 1-2

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