Whip It Up Wednesday: Ice Cream Cupcakes

It’s WHIP IT UP WEDNESDAY and almost summer time and we are soooo ready!   My daughter’s last day of school is today and my son’s is Friday and I couldn’t be more ready.  We have a pool party for each and today I am taking ice cream cone cupcakes to the pool and thought it would be the perfect treat to share with y’all for summer!  These would be the cutest addition to any and all summer time parties and occasions.  Wouldn’t these be adorable this weekend for Memorial Day with a red velvet cake mix, vanilla icing and red and blue sprinkles?

IMG_9007They are so easy to make! I bought the cones and as I was pulling them out of the box I noticed the recipe for them was actually on the box!  That made it pretty easy for me to share with y’all.  And since you need to buy cones anyways, you will have it right in front of you if you purchase the Keebler brand.  I have learned in the past that when I buy the generic brands, often times they are broken.

IMG_8933IMG_8932As you can see, I simply poured the batter in the cones using an ice cream scoop and then placed the cones inside muffin tins.  They actually stand up pretty nicely.  If you are worried about them tiping over, you could wrap aluminum foil around each bottom to secure it a bit more.


I always love using the funfetti cake mix and typically add a few more sprinkles to the top of the batter before baking because you can’t have too many, right!?  I just piped them with store-bought vanilla icing and added more sprinkles and a cherry on top.  Of course you can use any color/flavor icing you would like.  My kids just typically prefer vanilla.  I believe the recipe on the Keebler box mentions using hot fudge sauce which would be yummy too!


I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and rest of your week.  We are looking forward to a relaxing Memorial Day weekend with lots of rest, BBQ and pool time. Hugs and enjoy the little things like ice cream cupcakes soon!


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