Whip It Up Wednesday: Lemon Pie

If you need the most perfect,  summer time dessert, I’ve got ya covered today!  AND the BEST PART about this is you can whip this up in 5 minutes flat!  Not even kidding.  Set the timer and I promise you will have it done.  You know why!?  Because there’s only 3 ingredients!!!  Say whaaaat!? Yep!  Well, I guess 5 if you count the actual pie crust and lemon slices for garnishing but who’s counting that!?


This recipe makes 2 servings, so often times if I’m just making for our little family, I half the recipe and use the remaining frozen lemonade to make the drink for my kids.  If you are inviting friends or family over though, just go ahead and make both pies because they will want to gobble it up!  It’s soooo refreshing and yummy!  Here’s all you need, folks.



16oz Cool Whip

2 cans sweetened condensed milk

12oz can frozen lemonade

graham cracker crust

Optional:  lemon slices and extra cool whip for garnish

Can you even believe that’s all!?  You are gonna be whipping these up allll summer long because they are THAT good and soooo quick and easy!  Perfect for backyard gatherings, taking to the beach condo, lake, etc.


I have often times made these as mini pies, as well.  You can find the mini graham cracker crust in the baking aisles next to the big ones.  Those are super cute for parties!

Y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!  Love you all!  Celebrate the little things soon, such as a backyard grillin’ party, complete with lip, smacking lemon pie!



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