Whip It Up Wednesday: Egg Salad Cups

Happy WHIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!  I hope y’all are having an awesome week and getting all your ducks in a row for Easter!  I still have a ton to do, but we are getting there.  I wanted to share the most adorable appetizer or even side dish for your Easter weekend.  I saw this idea in Southern Living forever ago and have been dreaming of making my own and putting them on the blog for Easter since I started last Fall.  Haha!  It’s the little things y’all that just get me soooo excited sometimes. LOL.


They were really quick to make because I put most of the ingredients in my handy dandy food processor to chop.  The most time consuming part of the whole recipe is just peeling the eggs.  Now, you could get super fancy with this recipe and add all kinds of things like bacon, pimentos, bell pepper, jalapeños and the list goes on.  I just kept this recipe really basic and thought you can add your own personal spin to it as you wish.

Egg Salad Cups 

7 large hard boiled eggs, peeled and finely chopped

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1 teaspoon mustard

1/4 cup green onions/scallions (finely chopped)

2 stalks celery (finely chopped)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

Add all ingredients to a bowl and stir until thoroughly combined.  Adjust seasonings and toppings as desired.  Refrigerate or serve immediately.  Garnish with extra green onions and paprika if desired.  *This recipe made 8 small egg cups.

I have had the egg cups for a while from Homegoods but have seen them there, Pier One and World Market this year.  I don’t think they would be hard to find this time of year.


IMG_6774These would be soooo precious as a little addition to your Easter table.  I just love adding all the little details to a tablescape.  Or if you are having friends or family over and need an appetizer, wouldn’t these be so adorable with maybe a platter or bowl of extra crackers. You can use any kind of crackers you prefer.  I just saw this box with butterflies and couldn’t pass it up.   Super duper cute, y’all!  If you make them, I would love to see pictures.  IMG_6765

I am often reminded of the old song “Because He Lives” at Easter every year.  It is such beautiful writing that I thought I would share some of the lyrics with you in case some of you may not be familiar with the song.  I remember singing this most every year at Easter time as a child in church.

“Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives, all fear is gone.  Because I know who holds the future.  And life is worth the living just because He lives.”

Love and Hugs to you all!  Have a blessed Easter!  I’m thankful today to know regardless of my circumstances or things I may face in the future, I can always rely on the One that lives!  Happy Easter!

Matthew 28:6 He is not here; He has risen, just as He said.  Come and see the place where He lay.



4 thoughts on “Whip It Up Wednesday: Egg Salad Cups

  1. Love this idea and how cute does it look presented in those little cups. I just made a bunch of egg salad, very similar to the recipe above, so tomorrow I think I’ll present it to my children like this with crackers instead. 😊



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