Easter Play Date

Happy Monday, friends!  I pray your weekend was full of fun!  We had a very last minute play date on Friday and I thought I would share a few pictures and just show you how you can do it last minute, as well!  My kids always love having friends over to play and since it was Friday I thought why not surprise them with friends and Easter “yummies”.  I had this idea and texted the moms around lunch time on Friday.

I knew the kids would want snacks because what kid doesn’t, right!?  My kids come in from school and it’s as if they haven’t put a single thing in their mouths all day.  I went to Walmart and grabbed junk, basically.  Hahahaha!  But, I can’t say I’d get the reactions I wanted if I had anything but cupcakes and Cheetos. LOL!  It brought BIG smiles!


I went to the bakery side and got the cutest Easter cupcakes, a bag of Easter egg Cheetos and juice boxes.  I knew I already had paper products from The Dollar Tree, as I love to stock up on those when I see them.  And then everything else you see I just grabbed from around my house!  I didn’t buy another thing.

You really don’t have to spend or prepare much to make it special in my opinion.  Go buy everything like I did and that takes a lot of pressure off right there.  Then don’t think you have to go buy much for decor.  Just use what you already have.  The bunnies I had on the snack cart and the Easter sign and egg banner I had on the table were all decor I just pulled from around my house.  This party took me all of about 15 minutes to throw together.


Y’all know how I like to stock up on cute paper products when I see them and these bags were no exception.  I found a pile of them on major sale last year at Michaels and have been saving them for something special.  I put my Easter tags on them and stuffed them with an Easter Little Debbie pack, stickers and egg suckers from The Dollar Tree.


I hope this inspires you to throw a little party or play date soon.  It really doesn’t take much planning or preparation at all to bring big smiles and make those memories!

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