Whip It Up Wednesday: Mint Chocolate Bundt Cakes

Happy WHIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!  I loooove anything mint chocolate!  It always has been and always will be my most favorite ice cream and Girls Scout cookie flavors everrrr and these little bundt cakes taste just like them!!  And you won’t believe how easy they are!!


So, first you need this pan.  The brand is Wilton and I purchased at Michael’s.  If you sign up for their emails or even look online, you can almost always find a 40% off coupon, making this pan very reasonable.  You can easily make in muffin tins or even a sheet or cake pan if you would prefer.


Y’all… all I did was make a boxed brownie mix!  Just use your favorite brand and bake as directed.  Be sure to spray your pan really good.  Then I purchased a tub of vanilla frosting.  Yes, the kind you see in stores beside all the cake mixes.  Once again, just buy your favorite brand.  I added a couple drops of green food coloring and approximately 2 teaspoons of mint flavoring.  I dumped it all in my mixer to be sure it was mixed well.  You can add more color or flavor if you would like.  I didn’t want the mint to be too overpowering though.  Just have a little taste and add to your liking.


I then took a piece of a Hershey bar and grated a little over the tops.



That is it, my friends!  Not only is this a perfect dessert for the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, but it would also be a pretty desert for Spring.  Don’t you think?  Have a wonderful day and let me know if you try them.  I always love seeing your pictures.  They make my day!



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