Game Night: St. Patrick Style

Happy Monday!  How is that even possible!?  The weekends are like a flash it seems.  I say that and my hubby reminds me “time flies when you’re having fun” and I guess that’s the case.  But gosh!  Apparently we are having too much fun because it’s gone before I know it.

This was something soooo easy and fun we did this weekend.  We had game night with popcorn and Sprite.  How easy is that!?  LOL.  Have y’all ever gotten this popcorn mix from Costco?  If not, you are missing out!  It sounds so odd that cheddar and caramel would go together well, but I promise you it does.  My first time having this was in Chicago and if you’ve been there, you’ve probably had Garrett’s popcorn and know exactly what I’m talking about.  My family loves it!



I knew I wanted something fun and simple for one night during the weekend, so I picked up these small cauldron’s in the dollar section of Target and simply filled them with our favorite popcorn.  I then inserted cupcake toppers from Hobby Lobby.


My kids think Sprite is a huge treat.  We don’t typically buy them because that’s all they would want to drink, but since it was a “special” night of games and it went with my green, St. Patrick’s Day theme, I grabbed the mini ones.  I already had the crazy straws and coins from The Dollar Tree and threw those on the table.   The fabric is old bulletin board fabric from my teaching days.


This took me all of 10 minutes to throw together and my kids thought it was too much fun!  We laughed, talked and made some memories!  My kind of night!  So, grab your popcorn girls, next time you are at Costco and enjoy the little things around your kitchen table with the ones you love the most!


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