My Daily Goals

Happy Monday!  I pray you all had a great weekend!  I have had a lot of mommas reach out to me about tips on how I keep my sanity in just running our home life and juggling day-to-day schedules, so I thought I would just throw out some things that work for me and us as a family.  Let me first say that alllll these don’t happen every single day of the year, but I will say that these are my goals for everyday and I try really, really hard to get them done.  If I do, I tend to go to bed just feeling so much better about our day.

The first thing I do when my feet hit the floor everyday is make a cup of coffee.  Let’s be real. Haha! Fortunately, my hubby is a very early riser and there’s usually a pot ready to go when I get up.  The very next thing I do before anything else is read my devotional/Bible and pray.  Even if it’s very quick, I try very hard to do this before opening up any social media, reading any emails, and even making breakfast or lunches for the kids.  I can honestly say that my day is just better when I do this! I want the Lord to know that He takes priority before anything else.  This is very important to me.

Now here’s a list of things I do *most* everyday:

  • Make my bed and kids make theirs (It usually looks terrible, but they attempted and we’re practicing.)
  • Wash/Fold at least 1 load of laundry -I will say my hubby helps with folding a lot. Love this about him. I can get some laundry done, but folding is the pits.  I typically put the kid’s clean clothes on the steps and as we go up for bedtime, each kid is responsible for taking their clothes up.  Of course, depending on how much, we may have to help.
  • Clean out dishwasher in the morning and never go to bed with dishes in the sink.
  • Eat together at the dinner table (with no tv or distractions) as many nights of the week as possible.  For us currently, there is typically 5 nights of the week we are together for dinner.  One night we have church small group and I’m shoveling dinner in the kids between dance and the start of that.  The other night we are/will be at the ball field.  Some of these baseball nights, we may come in later than normal and eat as a family or may even be able to eat before, depending on time of game, but not every time.  We may have to be grabbing Chickfila or a hotdog at the game.
  • Using my Dyson stick vac (lifesaver for me and truly one of my favorites things ever), I quickly go through the most lived areas of our home (kitchen and den).  This is maybe a 5 minute thing and I typically do it after dinner every night.  The thing I love about the Dyson is how I’m able to go from rugs to hardwoods.  There’s no broom, dust pan and then vacuum.  It’s an all-in-one thing which makes it very, VERY quick.  It is super light-weight and really easy to use.
  • Light a candle every night after cleaning kitchen.  This just makes me happy, happy and makes our home feel cozy in my opinion.
  • The four of us hold hands and pray as a family before bed time every night and I try really hard to remember to tell my kids how proud I am of them.  I try to think of a  specific example from the day.  There are times I have forgotten this and have gone back in their room after turning lights out to tell them.  I think this is so very important.
  • Making someone smile on a daily basis is definitely a goal of mine and I try really hard to be intentional about.  This can be as simple as texting someone to let them know I’m praying for them or complimenting someone and just being friendly.
  • Read at least 1 chapter of a book.  I LOVE to read and used to read a book a week, but have struggled finding the time until after the kids go to bed these days.  Then, I am struggling to stay awake if I start to read.  I know this is a season of life and as they get older and more independent, I’ll have more time to do what I love.  For now, 1 chapter is a manageable, daily goal for me.  Some days there are more read, of course.


  • Kid’s clothes are picked out for the week on Sunday and then laid out the night before.
  • I make a meal plan on Sundays for the week.  This just helps me know what meat to thaw every morning and just have a plan in place.  Then, I’m not wondering at 3:00 what we are eating for dinner and tempted to say “let’s go out”.
  • And I will add that I sometimes *try* to work out (people that know me are laughing here because this is a daily struggle and the thing I HATE the most), but I do feel better AFTER I have done this.  LOL.  And by work out, I mean getting on the treadmill, while watching tv.  Nothing fancy. (I need emojis here.)

I have to give a shout-out to my hubby.  He is an awesome partner that thinks a lot like me and pitches in and helps a LOT.  We are in this thing together, so sometimes that means he’s making the bed, cleaning out the dishwasher, vacuuming, etc.  Fortunately, we are alike in this way and these are important things to him as well.  I thank the Lord for this on a daily basis. We are a team for sure!

These are just my daily goals and sure, there are days some of these things just don’t get done, but I sure do love my day when they do!  Let me know if you have any questions.  I hope some of these can help you. And y’all please send me your best tips and daily goals as well!! Here’s a pic of my tribe.  The ones that drive me the most crazy, yet the ones I would give my life for.  I am often reminded of the quote by Mother Teresa… “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”



6 thoughts on “My Daily Goals

  1. These are great tips. I especially like that you make it a priority to eat as a family, as that’s something my own family takes into account when we are signing up for activities and events in the evenings. I would really like to look into getting a Dyson vacuum as our vacuum is old and I’ve heard such wonderful things and we do vaccum daily.

    Thanks again for sharing.


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