A Dose of Sunshine

Do you have a friend, family member, neighbor, church friend or co-worker that’s going through a tough time?  This dreary, February weather can sometimes just put folks in a little funk, don’t you think?  I don’t know about where you live, but it has been cold and super rainy here lately.  It has me really longing for Spring days full of sunshine!  Being out in the backyard with the family, boys playing catch, kids jumping on trampoline and running around, hubby grilling up something yummy, flowers blooming and green grass just makes me giddy with excitment. On days and weeks like it has been here, I could use a little “dose of sunshine”.

This post is just an idea of how you can send your own little “dose of sunshine” to someone that’s going through a rough patch.  Wouldn’t they love a little something to brighten their day!?  Of course, it will not take the pain away or change their circumstances, but just bringing a smile to someone’s face can really help sometimes. Letting people know that they are being thought of and are not alone makes all the difference in the world sometimes.


Obviously, the idea is buying everything that’s yellow!  I found most everything you see here at Homegoods.  Most every store I go in these days is putting their Spring merchandise out, so it shouldn’t be difficult finding yellow goodies.   Here is a picture of a box I sent to someone about a year ago.  It was so fun loading it up and mailing it off!  It didn’t change her problems, but it brought a smile and that made my heart happy.


Be a blessing!  Let’s not be so self-absorbed.  Think of someone today that needs a little dose of sunshine.  It never has to be much!  It’s all about the thought and showing someone you care!  I am adding a few different options below.  Have the best day, my sweet friends!




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