National Day of Kindness

Happy Monday and President’s Day!  I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and weekend.  Both of ours was very relaxing.  We stayed in for Valentine’s night and just had a relaxing dinner at home.  The hubby and I had a “date night” this weekend, when it wasn’t so crowded.  That’s usually how we prefer to do it.

If you watch my Instagram stories, you know that Sunday, February 17 was National Day of Kindness.  Not that we aren’t kind on a daily basis, but I challenged y’all to do a little something “extra” and intentional for this special day.  I think this is something we should strive to do throughout the year, not just on this day.  So, if you didn’t get a chance or maybe if you didn’t even know about it, hopefully you can plan another day soon.

Both my daughter and son’s Kindergarten class go to the nursing home for field trips 3 times a year.  Each time, it brings tears to my eyes seeing these people interact with these kids.  You can just tell how much it blesses them to have visitors, especially kids.  We decided for National Day of Kindness to make small flower arrangements and cards to take to some residents at our local home.


I went to Trader Joes and spent approximately $10 on flowers and used small mason jars to make the arrangements.  My kids then made little cards that I hole punched and tied on with gingham ribbon.  I honestly don’t think taking anything is necessary.  It is a kind gesture and I pray they enjoy their flowers and cards, but they really just want your time.  They love visitors, especially the children.  It really is one of the sweetest things to watch.


Here are just a few pictures from our visit. They were all so appreciative.


A few other things I suggested was taking a basket to the ICU unit of the hospital with a variety of snacks and drinks and just letting people grab what they would like, paying for someone behind you in a drive thru, taking goodies to the local fire or police station, or calling a widow and asking if you could grab some groceries for them.  There are soooo many opportunities and ways to show kindness on a daily basis.  These are just a few that quickly came to my mind.

It is so easy to get so busy and consumed with just our day-to-day routines and schedules, but I challenge all of us (me too) to start trying to think more of others.  Our pastor often reminds us that our ultimate purpose is to make a difference.  Mother Theresa said, “a life not lived for others is not a life.”  And I think we will often find that no joy can equal the joy of serving others. Have a wonderful Monday, my friends.  Praying for you all everyday!



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