Valentine Flowers

Happy Monday!  I pray you all had a great weekend!  We had fun celebrating my mom’s birthday a little early this weekend.  My parents live about an hour and a half away and although that’s a quick day trip, we still don’t see them as often as we would like.  Any time they get to come visit, we always look forward to it.  We decided to stay in on Friday night and just eat at home with all her favorites, but I wanted to set a pretty table.  She always has a beautiful table for us any time we visit and I know that’s where my love for table scapes originated.


Mom’s favorite color is pink, so I decided that would be the perfect color scheme for the table and would coordinate beautifully with all the Valentine decor around our home.  I went to Publix and chose pink tulips, carnations and hydrangeas.  I then grabbed a bag of conversation hearts.  As you can see below, I used a vase from Hobby Lobby and a mason jar.  I added the water to the mason jar for the flowers.  I then inserted it inside the bigger vase and filled the edges around with the candy.


I just loved how it turned out and it really was very easy.  Depending on the size of your vase, you may use more candy than you would think.  This was a fairly small vase, but I still used one full size bag of candy.  Keep this in mind if you want to do this.


These would be beautiful to take to a teacher, grandparents, the office for you and your co-workers to enjoy, the office at your child’s school, or maybe even a friend going through a hard time.  It would be such a sweet reminder that you are thinking  and praying for them. I believe I spent a total of $12 on the flowers, so this is not an expensive gift.  I would love to see pictures if you give it a try.


Have the best week, my friends!  Y’all say a prayer we get some snow here in Alabama this week.  My kids sure are hoping for some and I would be lying if I said I may want snow more than them because you know what that means…No school, pjs, snuggles and more time with my tribe!


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