I Have a CRUSH on You!

Happy Fri-Yay!  I don’t know about you, but I loooove me some Fridays!  The cuddles and snuggles get amplified during the weekend and it makes this momma happy, happy!

We are in full-blown Valentine mode over here and tired of the blah, bone-chilling cold month of January.  Once Christmas is over, I am sooo ready for Spring and I think Valentine’s Day is just a little ray of sunshine before Spring gets here.

I found these strawberry Crush sodas at Big Lots.  This carton of 4 was around $3.50.  I love the idea of having different little goodies to pass out to people here and there for Valentine’s Day.  These would be great for bus drivers, mail men, school staff, co-workers, friends, etc.  Pair it with a little baggie of cookies or better yet, tie a gift card around it for a teacher.  How adorable would that be!?  I also think I may use them when setting my Valentine’s Day table.  My kids will think these are such a treat, since they don’t typically get any sodas except an occasional Sprite.  Wouldn’t they be so precious at everyone’s place setting?


The tags are in a PDF for you to print.  I always love printing my tags on card stock.  I typically buy the heavy-duty kind at Hobby Lobby.  I just think it makes the tags look a little better than on regular printer paper.  Let me know if you use them.  I want to see pictures, girlfriends.  Have an awesome weekend and enjoy all the little things that make life BIG!  Love y’all and thank you for being here!


crush tag

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