Heart Crayons

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all are staying warm today.  It has been very, very cold here in Alabama the past few days.  My kids would love some snow, but their prayer hasn’t come to pass quite yet.  We will just have to continue with the prayers.

This weekend we tried a little something different.  I have seen these heart shaped crayons on Pinterest for years and had even pinned them many years ago and had just never given it a shot.  I came across this silicone mold in the Valentine section of Walmart and instantly thought I needed to finally give it a shot.  Also, I knew our crayon bin was long past due in cleaning out.  This was the perfect project to do just that!


This could not have been easier!  I made my kids do most of the work in peeling the paper off the crayons, breaking them and filling the molds up.  This kept them quite busy for a while.  However, if you have really young kids and don’t want or have time for them to do this, you can put your crayons in a warm bowl of water and they easily peel right off.


*Be sure to place your mold on a cookie sheet before putting in the oven.*  Preheat your oven to 250 and place in oven for 15-20 minutes or until fully melted.  Once fully melted, carefully take out and let sit until mold forms and crayons are cool.  That’s it, friends!  They easily just pop right out once fully cooled and you’ve got heart-shaped crayons.  Easy peasy!  These would make great Valentine goodies for your children to take to their friends.


Have the best day!

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