Whip It Up Wednesday: Garlic Cheese Bundt Bread

Hey friends!  Well y’all loved the chocolate bundt cake so much, I thought you may enjoy a different spin on a bundt pan.  We tried this the other night with some grilled chicken breasts, a hash brown casserole and a salad and it was scrumptious, especially the crust part.


It really is easy, but I do believe the key to making it is taking the time to get it mixed really well.  If not, you will have lots of dough that just sticks together and will taste like plain biscuit.  Who wants that!?  I need all that butter and garlic goodness.  Can I get an amen!?

I started stirring with a spoon, but quickly realized it was all sticking together.  I found that tongs really were better and even my hands.  You just gotta get in there and get messy. I will post the recipe in a PDF at the bottom for you to print.


Let me know if you try it and what you think.  I think this is such a pretty version of bread and would be beautiful and so “fancy” if you were having a dinner party or friends over.  We discussed maybe even making a pizza version next time and serving with marinara.  Doesn’t that sound so good!?


Y’all have the best day!  Praying for you!

garlic cheese bundt bread


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