Whip It Up Wednesday: Chocolate Cake

Happy Whip It Up Wednesday!  Today, I am sharing my go-to dessert.  I make this cake a lot!  In fact, this is one dessert that I just always try to keep the ingredients for in my pantry because everyone loves it.  Anytime I need a last minute dessert, it seems that this one is the first one I think of.  There’s just not very many people in this world that doesn’t like chocolate and honestly, this one just can’t be beat!  I made this for our New Years Eve night.  It’s a family favorite and definitely a crowd-pleaser and it’s just one of those that you can dump everything in your mixer and the mixer does all the work.  It’s a win, win!  And I love it because it’s really light, not really heavy and rich.



The recipe comes from Mix and Match Cakes by Shay Shull.  I received this cookbook from a sweet friend for my birthday one year and have loved it!  This is the very first recipe in the book.  I would definitely recommend the book if you are a baker.  It’s a fun one and I would say her recipes are super simple, each cake starting with a boxed cake mix.  It was a great gift to receive!


I love to top this cake with a little whipped cream.  It’s lip-smacking good, y’all!


It’s a great cake for any occasion!  I added the sprinkles since it was New Years, but wouldn’t this be perfect for a birthday, too!?  You can also top with a little dusting of powdered sugar and that makes it look really pretty, as well.  I have also drizzled it with hot fudge and topped with strawberries.  Several options and each one is delicious!  Let me know if you make it!

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