Whip It Up Wednesday: Spiced Hot Tea Mix

It’s  Whip It Up Wednesday and I thought I would get away from baking today and share a little something different.  My kids have a lot of other teachers in their schools that they see weekly (14 to be exact) such as PE, music, art, etc and I knew I wanted to do a little something for them for Christmas.  I figured they may get a lot of baked goods from other students.  Plus, let’s be honest… momma is running out of time! haha! Not only was I trying to think of something a little different, but I needed something that would be super quick.  I thought this is the perfect season for all the warm drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider and spiced tea and had the idea to make a spiced hot tea mix.


I bought these little mason jars at Walmart and already had the scrap fabric and just cut in squares.  I found the adorable gingerbread tags at TJ Maxx and just hand wrote the directions on the back.  These were a breeze to put together!  Soooo easy and super quick to mix together. If you don’t have fabric and don’t feel like going to a fabric store, you can always trace the mason jar circle lid on some scrapbook Christmas paper to cover the top and that would be adorable as well.  You could also put the mix in a little Christmas goodie bag with a pretty bow and place bag inside a Christmas mug.  That would be super cute.  I think these would make great neighbor gifts as well.


The recipe of the mix I used is below.

1 cup instant tea

2 cups sugar

9 oz Tang or orange flavored instant drink

1 package lemonade Kool Aid

1 teaspoon ground cloves

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

*Use 3 teaspoons per 1 cup hot water.

Just throw all ingredients in a big bowl and mix together.  Easy and super adorable!  The countdown is on y’all!  It’s hard to believe we are less than a week away.  Let’s make it the best!  Think of who you can bless today with a phone call, text, simple smile or hello, Christmas card, or maybe even dropping off a little spiced tea mix.  They may not even like it, but I bet they’d greatly appreciate the gesture. Hugs!


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