Grinch Surprise

We love the Grinch around here and have always made our annual green cookies (that I shared on a previous blog if you’re interested) and have snuggled up for the original one each year.  I was SO excited when I heard that a new one was coming out and couldn’t wait to take the kids!

I decided to surprise the kids with an after school snack “Grinch” style on Friday and let them know we were off to see the new movie!  They thought this was so fun and it was a great kick-off to our weekend!


I just lined the table with wrapping paper, my favorite quick tip for a party!  Found the green plates, cups and Band-Aids at Target and the Grinch sign, platter and gingham bags at Hobby Lobby.  The green popcorn boxes and Christmas tree suckers came from The Dollar Tree.  The gingham bags had M&Ms for them to take with them to the movie.  The Chex mix recipe I found on the back of the Chex mix box.  We boxed this up and you better believe I may have snuck it into the movie theater.  We still ended up buying popcorn of course because, well, how can you not!? That greasy butter they pile on top has me licking my fingers for 2 straight hours.


Happy Monday, my friends!  Soak it up and make the most of this day the Lord has given us!  We only have 2 more Mondays before Christmas. Can you believe it!?  My goal is to really do my best to soak up this magical time and not be soooo busy that it goes by in a flash.  The slow days at home with my family is really my jam and what makes me the happiest!  My goal is to have as many of those as I possibly can between now and Christmas.  When I get too busy and load my calendar up with events, I’m just not my best to be honest.  I find that it’s December 26 before I know it and I’m sad.  haha!  So, I have tried REALLY hard to not do that this year.  Love you friends and Merry Monday to you!


2 thoughts on “Grinch Surprise

    1. Hi! Yes, this is just a “cake cookie” using a boxed cake mix and then tons of green food coloring. Haha. So 2 eggs, 1 white cake mix, 1/2 c oil. That’s it! Bake on 350 for approximately 8-12 minutes. Thanks for following along with me!


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