Special Delivery from The North Pole

Hi friends!  I hope your week has been extra good to you!  Y’all know I am all about some Christmas cheer and I had this idea when I walked in the Dollar Tree and saw these adorable buckets!!  You also know how much I love me some dollar stores (all of them) anytime, but especially around the holidays!  It’s just so easy to bring big smiles to your kids’ faces when you know you can do it for $1!  hahaha!

So I’m sure most of you are familiar with Boo Buckets during the month of October.  You fill a bucket full of Halloween goodies and “boo” a neighbor with it by sneaking and dropping it on their porch.  There is a note letting them know the directions of how to “boo” someone else and a small sign they tape to their front door or window letting others know they’ve already been “booed,” in hopes that everyone gets a bucket of fun at least once.  Before you know it, most of your neighborhood has been booed.  Well, this was the same concept I had in mind when I found these buckets!


I had a TON of ideas that were racing around in my mind of what to fill them with.  You can just fill it up with random goodies, similar to mine.  I put a Christmas coloring book, a candy cane full of Skittles (my kids favorite candy) and a box of peppermint brownies for the family to make one night maybe right before a Christmas movie.  I think it would be adorable to do a cupcake themed bucket with the cake mix, icing, Christmas sprinkles and cupcake liners. A hot cocoa bucket would be precious with the cocoa, marshmallows, sprinkles and candy cane sticks!  And what about a movie themed bucket with a Christmas movie or Redbox credit/code, box of popcorn and maybe a box of Christmas cookies or Little Debbies.  You could also just do some baking with your kiddos and fill it full of the yumminess!  Sooooooo many options!!!

IMG_2441The sign and directions will be in a PDF at bottom for you to print if you’d like.  Have fun with these.  Letting your kids run up and drop on a porch will be BIG fun for them and also teach them the JOY of giving and blessing others!  Have a great day, friends!  Love you all!


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