Whip It Up Wednesday: Grinch cookies

It’s Whip It Up Wednesday and today I am sharing our Grinch tradition.  My kids loooove The Grinch movie.  We haven’t had a chance to go see the new one yet, but I’ve heard such great things about it and hopefully we will get around to seeing it really soon. We try really hard to not allow our kids to watch Christmas movies until it’s close to Christmas time.  This way it just makes it even more special when Christmastime comes around.  They have been asking us for 2 straight weeks to watch The Grinch and we finally got around to doing it this past weekend.

My mom found Santa Claus sleeping bags from Pottery Barn a few years ago and got one for all the grandkids.  The kids love to grab those and we head to the basement for the night to cozy up and watch The Grinch.  Before heading down, I let the kids help me make the green cookies.  These pictures are from the past weekend.


I am adding this recipe to the bottom in a PDF for you to print.  These cookies start with a boxed cake mix with just a few more ingredients. It really is fun watching the dough transform to green.  The heart is just a sprinkle I tend to have leftover from Valentine’s Day, but if you cant find them, you can get a tube of red icing in the baking section of most stores and a heart would be easy to make. The kids love it!


Have the best day, sweet friends!

Grinch Cookies

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